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Supplements I Recommend and Personally Use

First off is a really good capsule form multi-vitamin. Capsules are best because they break down easy and all that goodness can be more readily absorbed. I have seen way too many undigested Centrum type pressed vitamins just laying around in people’s colons when I was assisting during colonoscopies. So definitely get a capsule form. I use Thorne brand because it is tested and certified NSF. All their products test pure and have in them what they say they have in them! Picture is link to item.

Next I take Thorne’s Basic B Complex supplement which was recommended to me by my physician. She’s one of the few MD’s who is up on the Ketogenic WOL, and said that keeping carbs as low as I do, it would be beneficial. Picture is product link.

Next, since health starts in your gut, I take this high quality probiotic: Once in ketosis our bodies digest food differently and use it differently. This can cause gastrointestinal upset for some. This will help your gut get healthy and stay healthy! Picture is link.

Over 85% of people are vitamin D deficient I am one of those people. I was taking 5000 IU a day and it lifted my levels from deficient to just insufficient (which apparently is a thing) so now I started taking 10,000 IU which she says should pull my levels up to where they should be in the next 6 months. Picture is link.

Next up, an Iodine supplement. I was losing a lot of hair on keto so my m.d. suggested an Iodine supplement it has helped so much! Great for cellular metabolism, mitochondrial activity and enzyme synthesis and thyroid function. Picture is link.

This last one I just ordered and haven’t started taking yet but was also recommended to me by my m.d. I had never heard of it before. It helps maintain estrogen ratios and helps with liver detoxification. I will give an update and let you all know my opinion on this one. Picture is link.