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How To Start Keto!

1. Educate yourself! Read books, blogs, watch videos, seek information.

2. ¬†Join a Keto group that practices TRUE Keto not lazy keto. If you don’t plan on being true keto, do yourself a favor and just do low carb. Low carb works great for weightloss if you are not after the health benefits of keto, low carb maybe better suited to you.

3. Commit to Keto. Think of it as a marriage.

4. Check out our MACRO setting link. We go by the lean body mass calculation so this may be different than the ones you have seen on other sites. You can use whichever method works for you and tweek it as you go. Here’s the link-

****LBM macro calculator -Do this first, if needed watch tutorial below*****

5. Pick a tracking app, a lot of us use My Fitness Pal, but there are others. Find what works for you.

6. To start keep things simple. In the beginning fat is especially key to help with carb cravings. Try to keep anything that tastes sweet to an absolute minimum to help adjust your taste buds.

7. Stay away from triggers. We all have them. Until you are acclimated to doing Keto and you kind of have a routine down steer clear of known triggers.

8. Track everything!

9. Electrolytes are a must! Drink when thirsty. There is no amount of water you must drink, just drink when thirsty. Himalayan pink salt, dill pickle juice, and magnesium glycinate can help keep you balanced.

10. Keto flu can happen in the first few days to a week on keto. Pickle juice and Himalayan pink salt can help with this. Just hang in there! Keto is not easy to start, but it is so WORTH IT!